Sada Candy Cane 9 ml.

Skladem (>5 ks)
Kód: NPK017
550 Kč
Hmotnost: 0.163 kg

Sada Ultra Strongů Candy Cane, 9 ml je sada slavnostních ultra silných laků na nehty s gelovým efektem pro jednobarevnou manikúru.

Sada obsahuje:

  1. Ultra Strong Serpentine #134, 9 ml
  2. Ultra Strong Winter Vibes #135, 9 ml
  3. Ultra Strong Candy Cane #138, 9 ml


  • Top 3 odstíny: červená, zlatá a stříbrná – světlé a sladké odstíny s jemnými třpytkami, které oživí vaše nádherné a sofistikované nápady na slavnostní manikúru.

  • Hotový dárek: Optimální varianta dárku pro vaše nejbližší a nejdražší, aby si už nemuseli lámat hlavu.

  • Ušetřete 25 % při nákupu těchto laků na nehty v sadě oproti nákupu po kusech.

7-Free – neobsahuje látky škodlivé pro zdraví: formaldehyd, formaldehydové pryskyřice, toluen, dibutylftalát, kafr, xylen a ethyltosylamid.

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A Avatar autora Excellent Products, Excited For More 15.7.2022 14:18
My husband is Belarusian and the ladies in his family introduced me to this E.Mi brand. Especially my sister-in-law is crazy about E.Mi, so I got her the Candy Cane set as a gift and she's super happy. I'm also happy with what I've tried from E.Mi, 5-star rating for everything from me. I only wish such sets are released in more variety for the Czech market. It would be great if an entire collection was sold as a set, something I see available in my homeland's market (Ireland); for example the Around the World collection is available as a set plus a top coat along with it. Too bad I hadn't discovered E.Mi earlier! From the feedback I got, E.Mi is often referred to as "quite pricey," especially for the average Russian woman (considering that with today's currency exchange rate a nail polish can ~530₽, while the reported average cost of a mass-market nail polish hardly ever reaches 90₽). I don't quite agree with that view. The quality it offers is worth it and it's destined not only for at-home manicure, but for professionals as well. Noteworthy is the fact that this price is still a fraction of what a buyer would pay for nail polishes of Dior, for example, but that brand specialises in clothing, not in nail products! E.Mi doesn't seem to offer "just nail polishes." There's an entire system built with time, specialising in nails' cure, treatment, decoration and adherence to the latest fashion trends. There seems to be a serious advertising campaign behind all this; from what I know there are those E.Mi days, events, workshops. To me it starts appearing something like "an élite club" for aspiring career women who want to excel in sales, marketing and fashion. Each brand has got its own success story and strategy though, and E.Mi was of no exception when it came to establish itself as an international brand, succesfully adapting to market needs. I like the products I've tried so far and started recommending this brand to my expat friends living in Czechia.